Bruised banana Face mask + 2 Filters


Bruised banana Face mask + 2 Filters

These are for standard use, buses, trains, tube and shopping. Please read all notes below.

Large Size 18.5 x 13 cm
Medium Size 16 x 11 cm
Small Size 12 x 10 cm (kids)

The inside of our masks contain a slip pouch where you can insert your own filters. Each mask comes with 2 x 2.5 PM carbon filters. (Filters - Use a max of 40 hours and wash or replace)

Made from 100% breathable polyester & cotton
Adjustable ear straps
Internal pouch for fitting filters
100% machine washable at high temperatures

Ok i have had a long long think about these, I was 1st offered face masks back in April and have declined all offerers since.
Theres a few reasons why im doing these now -
1) Im happy the NHS and other key workers have enough PPE
2) You now need them to use the trains,tube, buses and some shops
3) These are decent quailty and you can put in any filters if required

Medical Disclaimer: Our face masks are not intended to be used as medical devices or replace in any way medically certified masks. Our masks are purely decorative and we make no representation that they will protect from infection or transmission of any disease or infection whatsoever.
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